About Us


Hello and Welcome to The Turkish Touch, the place to find the high quality and elegant Turkish textiles used every day in Turkish houses, bedrooms, and baths. 

Our respect for tradition and cultural heritage drives our process. After we moved to Dubai, we searched for bed linens, towels for a long time, expecting to find some having good quality and beautiful designs at affordable prices. Being unable to source these treasures locally, we want to bring quality and luxury to your homes. By this aim, we created this direct to consumer online destination where you can get the highest quality Turkish textile products for less than you would pay in a high-end store. 

Through our work, we also endeavor to innovate the textile market in UAE, GCC, by developing high quality and revolutionary styles. 

As a company, we cherish our rich tradition and cultural heritage in the textile industry in Turkey. Some of our products are handmade by local artisans, using a traditional craft existing for more than six hundred years. And this art is protected by UNESCO as world heritage. 

Each piece is unique and done by local women artisans, so the Turkish Touch not only supports these families but also helps to keep the ancient crafts alive. 

So you are also reviving art, artisans, and traditional artisanship in the 21st century. The Turkish Touch products are durable, eco-friendly, artistic, and timeless. They are created ethically and with sustainability in Turkey. We used high-quality fabrics and work with local partners in Turkey, to keep transformation and energy use at a minimum level. 

Our bed linen sets are decorated with exquisite, embroidery, and lace. We produce unique collections created from delicately soft but durable cotton sateen. Our collections are designed for those who appreciate the most excellent quality, comfort, and beauty. 

We, too, love beautiful products. We also look for high-quality textiles, we too, believe fairness. By using high-quality fabrics, providing unique and exceptional collections for our customers is our top priority. With our passion, we will seek to improve and offer the very best to you always.