What Makes A Good Night`s Sleep?

What Makes A Good Night`s Sleep?

Sleep plays and important role in quality of life and good health. An average person spends nearly 230.000 hours of his lifetime in sleep or basically one third of his life. Sleep is involved in healing and repair of tissues, blood vessels and organs. During sleep we regenerate both physically and mentally.  If you have sleep deprivation, you may have physical and mental health problems, like increased risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, injuries, accidents and depression. In last few years we know also that sleep hormone is involved in inhibition of cancer development and enhancement of our immune system.

Then what is required for a good night sleep? According to researches for 93% of participants  comfortable and high quality mattress, for 91% pillows and for 86% comfortable feel of sheets and bedding is important for a good sleep. Then comes the sleeping environment like quiet room, temperature, fresh air and hygiene.

We want to know what factors are important when people decide to purchase an item for their bedroom. Are they value the appearance of the product or are they concerned more about the quality? There are researches showing that 87% of people choose products that will help them sleep better. 73% of participants mentioned that they choose bedroom products which make their interior more cheerful and 50% purchased the products that look great for visitors.

With all these valuable information we understand that sleep is vital for good health and long life and we should be very sensitive about it. Most of the people are looking for high quality sleep products that will help them sleep better but at the same time that looks beautiful and cheerful.

So, for a good sleep; take care of your mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and beddings.

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